International Ch Araki Chief Krazy Quilt

arakichiefkrazyquilt• August 2001 in Belgium owned by May Jannsen & Ken Sinclair. Will return to Britain next year to be campaigned in Britain. • Breeder: Mr Ken Sinclair • Owner: May Jannsen • Colour & Markings: Black & White
• “Quilt” lives with May in Holland and she has campaigned him to his International Champion status.

Dolbrook Disneyland at EarlstokeAm.Ch Regalia's Naughty by NatureAm.Ch Regalia's Peter the Great
Regalia's Tickle my Tiger
Ch Dolbrook Pennys from HeavenAm. Ch Dolbrooks Burnt Orange
Regalia's Dolbrook Fandango
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Am.Ch Mclean's Madame du Bearie
USA Ch Atisha's Passion for MagicUSA Ch Mclean's Magic Tiger in Tuxedo
USA Ch Charisma Honeynut of Regalia

Champion Araki Chief Krazy Quilt Pedigree